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Preparing for Kindergarten

Every year Children's Learning Adventure holds a Kindergarten Information Session. On February 28th it will host enrolled and interested parents to learn more about its comprehensive Kindergarten/Advanced Pre-K program. Specifics regarding program components, STEAM integration and speciality enrichment features will be covered, along with a Q&A session with center directors and teachers. Learn more about the sessions and register to attend here

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3 Tips for School Break Stimulation

For most families, fall and winter break are a much deserved reprieve from the back to school and end-of-summer frenzy. Shorter days and cooler temperatures all signal a slowing down of sorts as we approach the new year. However, these breaks don't have to be breaks in your child's mental stimulation. Check out our three tips for getting the most out of school breaks. 

Mix the Medicine in with the Candy

We totally get it, kids will occupy themselves with screens for as long as you let them. App developers have realized this to the tune of millions of dollars in monthly revenue from mobile games. The education industry has gotten into the mix with games that are just as engaging, entertaining AND competitive as the ever popular Fortnite and PUBG. 

The highly praised language learning app DuoLingo uses some of the same psychological rewards you'd find in traditional mobile games. Leaderboards, progress tracking and level-ups are all used in ways that stimulate your child in one of the more important emerging competencies, second language acquisition.  Check it out in the App Store or Google Play. 

Stimulate - Don't Hibernate

With daylight hours being shorter, its not unusual for children to spend more time indoors during holiday breaks. This presents a great opportunity to plan something that gets your child out of the house. A trip to an aquarium or museum for example kills two birds with one stone. Given their size, these large attractions will provide hours of physical and mental engagement. Play up the anticipation factor by scheduling something for you all to do a few weeks out. Circle the date, research attractions and talk about it with enthusiasm. The anticipation alone will have your child ready to absorb and interact with whats to come!

PRO TIP: Enroll in A Holiday Camp

Children Learning Adventure's Holiday camps, are structured to engage and enrich campers across a number of activities. 

To help students develop into lifelong learners it is important for them to get ‘plugged in’ and stay engaged in their educational development throughout the whole year, both inside and outside of their school environment. Children’s Learning Adventure has created six programs, from infant care to after school to promote and help students of all ages grow and learn.

Campers at this year's Adventure Quest Winter Break Camp will design their own quest and even their own robot, in a hands-on learning environment, during this fun and innovative week of creation and design.  There will be many opportunities to learn about elementary coding concepts, as well as, fundamental planning and design elements behind video game creation. Learn more here. 

Empowered with these tips you're now equipped to make the most out of winter break and start the new year STRONG!


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5 Fun STEAM Toys for Future Engineers, Designers, and Coders


We incorporate STEAM into our daily curriculum. This helps children experience various STEAM activities, while learning through play. It's never too early to introduce toys that help develop STEAM principles. This primer highlights a variety of toys across multiple ages that help expand STEAM learning in and out of the classroom. 

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