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Summer Brain Drain - What is It and How to Prevent

Known by many names; "summer slump", "summer learning loss" or "summer brain drain", students and parents are likely familiar with this common phenomenon. However, the drop off in skill acquisition and retention is preventable. Here's what to look out for and what to do. 

SUmmer BUmmer

Your child's summer break doesn't necessarily mean a break from mental stimulation. Talk to any teacher and they'll tell you how there's a noticeable difference between the children who were engaged in learning, as opposed to those who weren't, over the 8-10 weeks. Time spent in the classroom catching up students who are drained impacts the entire class. 

While the summer slump is quite common, it's not inevitable. Simple measures like integrating enrichment activities into your child's play and free time go a long way in fortifying what was learned during the spring and fall seasons. More importantly, summer break can be used as a launchpad into next year's curriculum by introducing concepts they'll encounter.

How to Go from a Summer Zero to Superhero!

Your child doesn’t have to fall victim to summer brain drain. You can make an effort to keep his/her brain engaged during the summer by providing simple, yet enriching experiences. Here are a few easy ways:

1. Academic Summer Camps: Children Learning Adventure's flagship Summer camp, “Superhero Summer!,” is structured to engage and enrich campers across a number of activities. During Children’s Learning Adventure’s Spring Break Camp, campers create “Radioactive Slime” in the Science Lab, read “Super Tales” in the Reading Reef Library, conduct “Superhero Updates” in the multimedia room, and more. Superhero Summer! will be available at all 45 Children’s Learning Adventure campuses. Learn more here

2. Utilize Edutainment Apps: The old proverb "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" rings true here. We've all seen children glued to their screens for hours, immersed in worlds and realities completely their own. Shifting some of that time to something educational AND entertaining can be useful. Check out these 7 apps recommended by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 

3. Incorporate Educational Toys: To create a unique learning environment in your home, you can incorporate educational toys into your child's play time. This can help introduce your child to new concepts that he or she may learn about in school and refresh their memory on lessons they were taught throughout the year. This is both a fun and informative way to get over the "summer slump". Check out our top 5 STEAM toy suggestions here! 




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