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Preparing for Kindergarten

Every year Children's Learning Adventure holds a Kindergarten Information Session. On February 28th it will host enrolled and interested parents to learn more about its comprehensive Kindergarten/Advanced Pre-K program. Specifics regarding program components, STEAM integration and speciality enrichment features will be covered, along with a Q&A session with center directors and teachers. Learn more about the sessions and register to attend here

Kindergarten readiness is critical in preparing children for future success.  For example, a child’s social development involves learning the values, knowledge, and skills that enable him/her to relate to others effectively. Building these relationships impacts a child’s positive contributions in the community, with family, and at school. Children develop these interpersonal skills in Imagination Island, a uniquely designed miniature city created to enhance social interactions and development. This play-based learning environment supports and influences children’s social development.

Imagination Island is just one example of integrating science based methods with engaging , interactive and hands-on learning. Power Ranch_June2016_081

Topics: steam, tech, engineering, math