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Which Extracurricular Activity Is Best For Your Child?

The best way for a child to discover their passion and unleash their true potential is through trying out different extracurricular activities! At Children's Learning Adventure The Studio, we offer a variety of extracurriculars so every child has the opportunity to pursue their favorite hobby while also being introduced to new and different things. Dance, martial arts, culinary, and music are just the beginning. With so many choices, choosing which activity is best for your child can be overwhelming. If you're having trouble choosing which extracurricular would best suit your child, read this blog for more information on all of the different extracurriculars we offer:

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Dance Classes – If your child is full of energy and loves to express themselves through movement, dance class may be the perfect fit! This activity helps children develop physical education skills and learn how to express themselves in a unique way. We offer a variety of different dance classes, but overall we just love to have a fun time trying out new moves with our friends! 

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Gymnastics – Our gymnastic classes allow children to grow in many different ways. This extracurricular is a fun way for energetic kids to gain confidence and learn new physical education skills. Gymnastics provide children with a way to get in social interaction and physical activity. By providing each skill level, every child is sure to excel! 

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Martial Arts – Your young karate master will have a great time in this extracurricular activity by learning about self-discipline and concentration skills. With every extracurricular comes the opportunity for your child to embrace who they are, in martial arts your child can work on listening and focus techniques as well as kicks, punches, and board breaking skills. 

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Music – For those with a deep love for music, instruments, and singing, this extracurricular is a dream come true! Playing music stimulates every area of the brain and increases vision, speech, balance, behavior and more! Your child will love learning more about all the different things our music class has to offer. 

These are just 4 subjects of the 17 specific classes we offer. There are many different things your child can do to express themselves, to check out more of our classes please check out this page - The Studio