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Childcare Center Safety: What You Need to Know


Transparency and inclusion are the foundation to a healthy parent/center relationship. This primer will walk you through "The Big 4" of a safe childcare center. 


Licensing standards are more than just words in a document. They are critical to ensuring the safety of students and staff. Your childcare center should have up-to-date licensing with the appropriate regulatory committee and should be able to furnish you with a copy upon request.

"Without safeguards such as childcare licensing requirements and written policies in place, there are no standardized expectations for parents or staff about the child care environment." - Dr. Julia Anixt, Pediatrician

Additional Tips

  • Search and contact the local licensing agency. 
  • Request a violation report. This will outline any violations and disciplinary action that was taken. 
  • Re-inspection: Your local licensing agency can also inform you when the childcare center is up for re-inspection.

2. Staff is Trained in First Aid and CPR

Childcare centers should have at least one staff member trained in CPR and first aid working at all times. Ideally, the entire staff will be trained. Be sure to request the most current certificate of completion to verify. 

You may also want to see what additional first response protocols are in place in the event of an emergency. Policy for parents/Caregivers

Communication and access to personnel are critical when fostering the center/parent relationship. As a parent you should feel comfortable discussing a range of topics that pertain to your child's well-being. Matters of discipline, bullying, hygiene, and more are all valid and your childcare center should encourage your participation. Some centers have scheduled sessions to exchange information with parents while others operate less formally. 

Be sure to ask what measures your center will take in communicating with you.  

4.infection control practice policy

While no center can guarantee that your child won't catch a cold or get a scratch on the playground, they should have protocols in place for administering medication, cleaning minor wounds, bathroom sanitation, and more. Preferably these procedures are written so that you, the parent, are aware of what the protocol is. 

A well appointed center should be happy to provide you with any documentation to its practices. Transparency in these areas allows them to better provide the best service for you and your child.  

At Children's Learning Adventure we have established an effective list of policies and procedures to ensure your child's safety. The security and safety of each child at our center is our top priority. In addition to our classrooms providing a safe and secure environment, our facilities institute several safety features, you can read more about them here


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